Jordanes' story

In 2007, two visionary food enthusiasts, Jan Bodd and Stig Sunde, embarked on an extraordinary culinary journey. Together with a dedicated team, of now over two thousand employees, they have built a Scandinavian consumer brand champion known as Jordanes. Their dream was to unite iconic Scandinavian food brands under one harmonious Scandinavian roof, driven by a shared love for their culinary heritage.

Jan and Stig, seasoned entrepreneurs with a passion for food, left their corporate careers and embraced the audacious idea of Jordanes. They saw the global financial crisis not as a setback but as an opportunity to bring great taste, quality, and sustainability to Scandinavians because, after all, everyone needs food and drink.

Their journey began in a converted elevator shaft, a modest head office where they brainstormed and laid out their plans. Despite their humble beginnings, they acquired iconic brands like Sørlandschips and Synnøve Finden, expanding into Denmark with Bisca. In 2018, their dream of shared ownership with employees became a reality, making them proud majority owners of remarkable food brands.

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Their success formula, encapsulated in their DNA, remains unchanged and is their most important competitive advantage. With an entrepreneurial culture at its core, Jordanes’s strength lies in adaptability, calculated risk-taking, and learning from mistakes.

For Jan and Stig, being an entrepreneur means having an unwavering passion for food and their brands, and always approaching challenges with a strong entrepreneurial mindset.

Jordanes' milestones


Jordanes founded and
Jordanes founded

Jordanes founded by Jan Bodd and Stig Sunde.


Aquired Sørlandschips and
Aquired Sørlandschips

Sørlandschips stands as one of Norway's most robust brands, focusing on chips since the early 1990s. Today, it holds the distinction of being Norway's top choice for snacks, revered by consumers for its exceptional taste, premium quality, and diverse range of flavours


Aquired Synnøve and
Aquired Synnøve

With roots tracing back to 1928, Synnøve has evolved from a cheese challenger to an iconic breakfast brand, driven by innovation and a commitment to meeting customer trends. With a diverse product range spanning from whole cheese to a comprehensive breakfast selection including cheeses, yogurts, juices, granola, crispbread, margarine, and more, Synnøve has firmly established itself as a brand of distinction.


Aquired Bisca and
Aquired Bisca

With superior taste and quality since 1890 Bisca has created a success that has become one of the best-known brands in Scandinavia.


Aquired Finsbråten and Brödranes
Aquired Finsbråten

Started by three brothers in 1951, Finsbråten specializes in quality meat products like bacon, sausages and cold cuts.

Since 1928, cooking has been a passion for us at Brödernas. For more than 90 years, the company has grown and diversified, but the passion for great flavours, healthy eating and craftsmanship has passed unscathed through generations.


Aquired Bonaventura and
Aquired Bonaventura

A leading distributor of branded goods in Northern Europe, representing some of the strongest brands and companies in the world


Aquired Lindvalls and Leiv Vidar
Aquired Lindvalls

Lindvalls represents Swedish food culture since 1925. Makeing top-quality sausages: with the best Swedish meat, fine spices, the expertise and passion of a charcuterie master and his 125 colleagues, classic local recipes and influences from all over the world.

Leiv Vidar was established in 1950 by master sausage-maker Leiv Vidar him self. Since then, with passion, generosity and rock ‘n’ roll, Leiv Vidar has worked with the goal of making the very best sausages – in the universe!


Aquired Bodylab and
Aquired Bodylab

As the premier developer and manufacturer of functional sports products and dietary supplements in Denmark, Bodylab is rapidly expanding its presence throughout the Nordic region. With protein powders, supplements, bars, beverages, and gym gear, we embody the joy of a workout and a healthy lifestyle.


Aquired Elle Basic and
Aquired Elle Basic

Creator and distributor of outstanding beauty products, representing among others Care by Therese Johaug, Camilla Phil Cosmetics and Sophie Elise Glöd


Aquired Umoe Restaurants and
Aquired Umoe Restaurants

Owner of numerous esteemed restaurant brands, among others Peppes Pizza that has played a vital role in cultivating Norwegians' fondness for pizza since its establishment in 1970. Not only is Peppes the foremost pizza brand in Norway, but it also stands today as the sole omnipresent option.


Aquired Backstube and
Aquired Backstube

Backstube introduces a fast-casual grab-and-go bakery concept, blending top-notch quality and customer convenience at affordable prices. With a diverse array of high-quality savory and sweet snacks designed for on-the-go consumption, Backstube seeks to disrupt the fast-casual food market.


Bisca aquired by TM124 A/S and
Bisca aquired by TM124 A/S

Jordanes annouced the sales of 100% of all shareres in Bisca AS to TM124 A/S, a subsidiary of Erhvervsinvest Management A/S. Skagerak Holding is not part of the transaction.